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Over a million kids have played Mojitime games in Europe. If adults have their "Mojo", kids have their Moji.

Kids struggle to stay engaged/learn. Mojitime brings back the fun in learning.

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Moji Clock

Moji Clock Trainer is a unique and popular Nordic based time teaching game.

It has a simple yet effective learning loop where kids can learn to tell the time with support of encouraging voice-over instructions and funny graphics.

Moji Multi

Moji Multi is a base building game for simple to medium to difficult arithmetic in step progression.


Moji Bingo

Bingo and number squares are particularly familiar to children of varying ages and also varying arithmetic skill levels focused on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Moji 100

Moji 100 is a fun and carefully programmed game that introduces paced and time sensitive challenges. Addition 1 - 10 and loops to Addition 1 - 100, in self-paced to timed progressions.

Moji Memo

Moji Memo game is optimized for attention, concentration and focus. The Moji Memory game helps in short-term memory building and enables memory storage for the long term.

Moji Lingua

Moji Lingua is a 3D environment basic word language game. It's a streamlined, fun and effective verbal literacy game teaching Basic English words in point and speak format. Early language development fosters confidence.

Moji Detective

Moji Detective is our version of what is often called a Zebra Puzzle or Einstein puzzle. Like many logic puzzles and adaptations, the purpose of the game is to help kids gain problem solving skills, numeracy, language and use logical reasoning.

For ages 4 Through 9 Basic bundle

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Lotta Andersson


Moji Clock Trainer is the default time teaching app in afterschool. It is really simple and intuitive. Children love the surprise and characters of game and as parents we love it as it teaches kids the concept of time and a lot more

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Moji Multi is an app for practicing multiplication. It has a quirky and original art style for this type of app which will catch the attention of children.


Here's what our members say about us!

M. Nilsson Nils Holgerssonskolan

Parent Cooperative School

We have gone through the whole clock analog. The next step is training and completely safe. The Moji clock app is excellent.

Maria Larsson

Moji 100 is just plain fun. We love the concept of "seeing the math" and the girls are comfortable with the learning loops. They know when it is Mojitime they are playing but learning and  I can work close by.  You can see their arithmetic progress and marked proficiency and often hear them laugh as they play. Love Moji 100 and all the Mojitime  games!

Ann Gern Nyberg

Swedish Educator

On Moji Bingo Math, I do not know what it is, but many people like to practice the four arithmetic skills with this app. So much fun!

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