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Over a million kids have played Mojitime games.

Seriously Fun.

Mojitime is a children’s educational game company located at Malmo Sweden creating games and learning experiences since 2001.

Our games have so far been enjoyed by more than one million kids in more than 142 countries. And the best part is - those kids have gained knowledge while playing.

We are embracing the Nordic school tradition, where education is available to everyone, adapts to different levels of maturity, and stimulates each child's inborn curiousity. And we have augmented that with our tradition of learning while having fun. The result is a product line that has shown that efficient and effective education does not have to be boring.

Why Mojitime?

We started developing Mojitime products because of our strong beliefs that:

•     Education should be available to all children, whoever they are, wherever they are.

•     Engaging kids to seek knowledge makes them learn more than spoon-feeding them.

•     Game apps should adapt to individual levels of maturity and cognitive/physical capabilities.

•     Quality is better than quantity, so it is better with fewer but more fine-tuned apps.

•     Kids learn more when they have fun. Seriously.

Time and time again, these beliefs have been proven right by the kids who use our products. 

This is what sets the Mojitime product line apart from the competition.

Lots of Fun

✔ Fun
✔ Compelling Game Loops
✔ Surprises


✔ Relatable
✔ Fosters Imagination
✔ Encourages Experimentation

High Learning Retention

✔ Pedagogical
✔ Focus on Foundational Basics
✔ Proficiency and Learning through Play

Reading books and understanding text is essential for all kind of learning.

In our stories section you will find easy to read stories suitable for younger kids where they can read more about all the animals found in the educational games.

Our mantra is meaningful screentime

Adaptive Gaming platform

Learning and Fun go hand-in-hand

Sophisticated, Approachable


Malthe is loves good food. He is sophisticated yet approachable. He especially enjoys blueberry pie and mushroom soup!

Foodie, Loves Playing


Obsessed with food, Mimmy will do anything to gather acorns and nuts.

Meet The Moji Characters

Friendly, Social


The first Moji bird flew to the Magic forest, which became their place to live and play.

Simple, Busybody


Has 10 years experience in construction. He gets things done, and keeps things simple.

Simple, Busybody


She wants to become a dancer and be on stage. She exercises everyday to stay in shape to fulfill her dream.

New Leaf, Hardworking


Tired of being a bad guy, Rolf Fox is now good. But still, the animals are suspicious of him.

Serious, Studious


Ulla Owl is a bit serious. She is a Math wizard who loves expanding her vocabulary. She lives in a very high pine tree.

Lotta Andersson


Moji Clock Trainer is the default time teaching app in afterschool. It is really simple and intuitive. Children love the surprise and characters of game and as parents we love it as it teaches kids the concept of time and a lot more

Educational App Store UK

Moji Multi is an app for practicing multiplication. It has a quirky and original art style for this type of app which will catch the attention of children.


Here's what our customers say about us!

M. Nilsson Nils Holgerssonskolan

Parent Cooperative School

We have effectively taught children how to tell time in analog and digital format. The Moji clock app is excellent.

Maria Larsson

Moji 100 is just plain fun. We love the concept of "seeing the math" and the girls are comfortable with the learning loops. To the kids, Mojitime is fun learning time.  While they play,   I can work close by.  You can see their progress in arithmetic. I often hear them laugh as they play. Love Moji 100 and all the Mojitime  games!

Ann Gern Nyberg

Swedish Educator

On Moji Bingo Math is familiar, intuitive and effective. The kids love the challenge levels.  Moji Bingo Math is so much fun!

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