We are Mojitime!
A Nordic Children's Educational Game Company

Mojitime is a children’s educational game company headquartered in Malmo Sweden creating games and learning experiences since 2001.

Our focus is fun pedagogical-centric learning games keeping things as simple and engaging as humanly possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Moji birds that sometimes explodes or farts give children the giggles and keep active learners on their toes. Moji Clock Trainer teaches children how to tell time but our entire library of games is dedicated to simple, intuitive, fun and adaptive learning. We are dedicated to fun meaningful screen time. Our games are simple yet very engaging. Our heritage and knowledge in educational technology also is premised on the principles of accessibility and cognitive diversity. We believe that all children have different talents, skills and degrees of proficiency levels. We provide the tools, technology, platform and fun factor to help them in their learning path and progress.

Our games are basic and foundational. They encourage kids to self-regulate, have grit and problem solve.